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Drosophila embryogenesis se-
. (Images by Jim Langeland, Jim Williams and Steve Paddock; morphing by Eric Hazen).
featured in "Learning to Fly".

Distalless expression in larval wing imaginal discs in both Junonia sp. and Bicyclus sp. is correlated with the eyespots in adult wings. (Images by Julie Gates and Steve Paddock; morphing by Eric Hazen)
featured in "Learning to Fly".
Spalt (Sal) in purple and Engrailed/Invected (En/In) in green expression define territories that are correlated with the concentric rings of the eyespot patterns in Bicyclus sp.
(Images by Craig Brunetti;
animation by Steve Paddock)
featured in "Little Wing".
From Brunetti, et al.(2001) Current Biology, 11:1578-1585.
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Distalless expression and focal signaling. (Images by Julie Gates and Steve Paddock; animation by Eric Allin).
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Homeotic butterfly wings from Weatherbee. S.D., Nijhout, H.F., Halder, G., Selegue, J., and Carroll, S. (1999). Ultrabithorax function in butterfly wings and the evolution of insect wing patterns.
Current Biology, 9:109-115.
Scale development in butterfly wings . (Images by Julie Gates and Steve Paddock; animation by Eric Allin).


Paddock, S.and McDougal, D. (2000)
Making movies on a weekend. BioTechniques 29:997-1004.
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